Saturday, March 6, 2010

Treasure trove of Urdu books

Writing and publishing of books in Urdu in India is largely restricted to religion and literature. But in Pakistan the canvas of the language is rather large, going by the collection of tomes at the Urdu Kitab Mela (Urdu Book Fair) that is on at Quli Qutb Shah Stadium near the high court. There are books in Urdu on various subjects, be it religion, literature, philosophy, psychology, medicine, engineering, computers, management, personality development, the list is endless.

"I have been importing books from Pakistan on different subjects for a long time now. There is more demand for books on general subjects such as computers, management and personality development from Pakistan. Parents, students and teachers are lapping up these books. The reason, as I see, is books on these subjects are not published in India,'' Syed Abdul Basith Shakeel, partner of Hyderabad-based Huda Book Depot, said. Shakeel Anjum, who has put up Delhi's Anjum Book Depot at the fair, has a wide range of books from Lebanon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran and Pakistan.

Full report here Times of India 

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