Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The wise guy and the sensitive cop

Like Jen, the protagonist in her memoir Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert was a plucky blond American woman in her 30s with no children and no major financial worries. As the book opens, she was going through a messy divorce, followed by a stormy rebound love affair.

Awash in tears in the middle of the night on the floor of the bathroom, she began to pray for guidance, “You know — like, to God.” God answered. He told her to go back to bed. She embarks instead on a year-long pilgrimage to Italy, India and Indonesia!

“I wanted to explore one aspect of myself set against the backdrop of each country, in a place that has traditionally done that one thing very well,” Gilbert writes. “I wanted to explore the art of pleasure in Italy , the art of devotion in India and, in Indonesia, the art of balancing the two.”

Full report here Economic Times

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