Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yuppy by day, writer by night

Materials engineer Vikram Rana remembers the day Chetan Bhagat spoke to him and other students at his college, IIT Guwahati, as the day he decided to become a writer.

He had had a love of writing since childhood. “I used to write and perform skits. But when I saw Bhagat standing in front of me, students looking at him in awe, I thought, ‘Why not me?’” said the 24-year old, who today balances fiction-writing with a job in Singapore with Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services corporation.

Also 24, IIT Bombay alumnus Animesh Verma has already witnessed his second book disappearing off the shelves, the economic recession — a key theme in the book — apparently striking a chord with readers. They may not write Salman Rushdie-like literature, but a growing breed of young Indian professionals is penning pulp fiction, and their success is quietly spurring dozens more to join the trend. Many are inspired by the success of best-selling author Bhagat — an IIT and IIM graduate — who has seen two of his books form the seed for big-ticket Bollywood films.

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