Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Author mixes disaster, diversity in novel

The year 2005 will forever be remembered by residents of the Gulf Coast as the year of natural disasters. Shortly after Hurricane Katrina had caused colossal damage to New Orleans, many Houston residents participated in a massive and chaotic evacuation as Hurricane Rita threatened to repeat Katrina’s destruction.

Sugar Land resident and author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni was one of the unlucky few who participated in the mass exodus. While caught up in the hours of stop-and-go traffic, Divakaruni paid special attention to the way people were interacting, both good and bad. Surprised by the humanity and willingness of strangers to help others, Divakaruni used the events as inspiration for her latest novel, One Amazing Thing.

“I started thinking about being in the whole crisis situation, which you couldn’t control. A crisis situation where you especially feel trapped with a group of people you don’t know,” Divakaruni said. “What happens to us in such situations? Is it possible to rise above our fear and panic and create a community to help each other?”

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