Friday, September 23, 2011

The new you

Sajeev Nair on breaking the rhythm of the same old thought process and creating new synergies
Sajeev Nair, a success coach and mentor, after authoring three self-help books in Malayalam and Tamil, has now come up with one in English, Tathaastu: Transforming Thoughts into Reality. Through his book, based on a thought-provoking subject, Sajeev encourages people to develop an optimistic approach. The objective of bringing out the book is to enable people to change their thought process. Excerpts from an interview with the author.

What prompted the move from business to transformational success coaching?
My entrepreneurial journey started with Amway, where people development is a continuous process. We helped people from all walks of life to become entrepreneurs, the training and coaching interventions were very powerful. I myself got amazed the way people got their lives transformed. I started developing a passion for creating positive transformations in people. It reached a level where I realised that more than the business what I like is to see positive transformations happening in others' lives.

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