Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lit fests bloom as interest grows among sponsors

The next four months will see at least 10 major literary festivals; realty firms, hospitality sector, banks in fray

Literature festivals used to be a niche pursuit—quiet little getaways where authors could meet some of their more ardent readers. No longer. The Jaipur Literature Festival in January, India’s biggest such event, saw nearly 100,000 visitors over five days. With more people attending such events, publishing companies are seeing them as brand-building platforms, reason enough for the corporate sector to show greater interest.

The indefinite postponement of Harud—The Autumn Festival of Literature, which was scheduled to be held in Srinagar this month, was an exception and more to do with politics than anything else.

Literature festivals have proliferated in India, and media houses are also entering the field. Both Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd (BCCL) and Kasturi and Sons Ltd, publishers of The Times of India (TOI) and The Hindu, respectively, will host literature festivals in the next few months.

The Hindu’s festival, Lit for Life, will be held in Delhi and Chennai for a day each in September and October, respectively, with 50-60 delegates, including authors and guests. BCCL’s Mumbai Fully Booked: TOI Literary Carnival will be held at the city’s Mehboob Studios on 2-4 December.

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