Monday, September 12, 2011

Buy e-book reader, but not immediately

Every bibliophile knows that if you need to create more space on your bookshelf or tote hundreds of books, there's only one way to do it-get an e-book reader. Touted as a tech marvel, the e-reader allows you to carry an entire library in a single device. Globally, almost all paperbacks are being converted into e-books. In fact, there's a new set of authors that only caters to the e-book market. Take the self-published crime novelist John Locke, who sold one million copies of his e-book Saving Rachel through the Kindle store on Amazon.

Despite the obvious advantages, is it really worthwhile to invest in the device, and if yes, which e-reader should one buy? Let us try to find an answer to these questions.

What to consider
There are various e-book readers available in the country. These include Infibeam's Pi, Wink (EC Media International) and Amazon's Kindle, which are priced between Rs 7,000 and Rs 15,000. Most e-book readers have a screen size of 5-7 inch, with an e-Ink display, which makes it easy to read the text. Before buying one, check that the text doesn't look faded in direct sunlight and has an anti-glare screen. You should also be able to either change the size of the font or zoom in and out.

The next important factor to consider is the formats that the device supports. The universally compatible formats are PDF and EPUB, which are supported by most devices (Kindle is the only device that does not support EPUB).

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