Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Collaborative comics

When Andreas Gefe begins his first morning in Delhi with a stroll through the dusty streets where he and his Swiss friends live, he doesn’t find ‘the much-cited colourfulness of India.’ Not until the blazing shop-signs and displays around central market tear away the opaque veil that seems to hide the city from his eyes, recounts Gefe in ‘The Mehandi Designers,’ a chapter included in When Kulbhushan met Stöckli (

The compilation is an outcome of a collaborative project among comic book artists and authors from India and Switzerland, informs the intro by editor, Anindya Roy. “There was no brief given except this: Avoid the simple travelogue style where one takes a camel ride, has diarrhoea, then heatstroke, then gets pick-pocketed, or can’t buy a ticket from a machine, or takes the wrong tram, or suffers numbness because of the cold, or eats cheap sandwiches throughout the trip for the lack of money.”

Thus shunning the regular strand of travel documentation, the contributors were asked to look a layer deeper. What was the result? “Some felt taller… some disturbed… some couldn’t wait to re-visit… And some felt fine about the distance. At the end of it all, we got to know each other a little better,” Roy reports.

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