Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Once upon a time…

Geeta Ramanujam opens up about how stories can form an integral part of the learning process and her journey in the world of storytelling through Kathalaya.

Remember the time we'd hang on to grandma and grandpa begging for a story; the complete attention we gave every twist and turn in the plot and each inflection of a loved voice? Storytelling was not just a time to relax and chill out; it was also a learning process. Children learnt appropriate behaviour, lessons on ethics and morals and much more from these sessions.

Though storytelling is slowly fading from homes, it has been taken to a whole new dimension as a learning tool for both children and adults. Geeta Ramanujam of Bangalore-based Kathalaya is one of the pioneers in using storytelling in schools and corporate workshops.

Decade's journey
Kathalaya was born in 1998. In little more than a decade Kathalaya's reach extends from Baramullah in Kashmir to Kanyakumari, in the South; Ahmedabad and Baroda in the West to Shillong and Assam in the East. Schools, NGOs and corporates use Kathalaya's modules as a tool of communication and to bridge communication gaps. And that's only the national level.

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