Friday, March 12, 2010

Comic fable probes the foreigner's life in India

Don McKellar and Lisa Ray star in Dilip Mehta’s Cooking with Stella, a comic fable set in the split world of New Delhi, India.

Ray plays a newly installed Canadian High Commissioner and McKellar’s her stay-at-home husband, who each have a tough time adjusting to the class system in their own home.

They live in the relative luxury of the diplomatic compound staffed by servants who live in the real, down and dirty New Delhi, including a cook named Stella who runs a black market business with Canadian supplies.

“It was great to be in India and have a job and a reason to be there,” says McKellar. “It’s not the easiest city to explore; it’s a chaotic city, but it’s a sensual city. The cliché about India is true — it is very sensual with smells and sounds and noise. And touch! People touch you, there is no personal space. It’s sort of overwhelming.

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