Friday, March 12, 2010

REVIEW: Humanity amidst Insanity


Humanity amidst Insanity: Hope During and After the Indo-Pak Partition
Tridivesh Singh Maini, Tahir Malik and Ali Farooq Malik
Rs 295
Pp 186
ISBN: 8174766308

A novel approach by an Indian and two Pakistani journalists to bring the humane and positive episodes of the 1947 partition holocaust, to the fore. A series of interviews of the survivors of Indo-Pak partition who owe their survival to the other community. Tales of hope and faith in the crisis of humanity, when people were killing each other in the name of religion, these angels of sanity helped the innocent and gave them life. An analytical approach to the good involved and practiced during the times of violence and terror. A new look at the relations that could become a reality for the Indo-Pak partition sores which have long been unhealed.

The other side of tragedy Daily Times
Every crisis poses an opportunity to seek some lesson, some space to persuade reflection. From tragedy can come wisdom that might open minds, that might save lives. This book epitomises the hope and progressive foresight in daring to look at the other side of tragedy.

The reality of the 1947 partition of the subcontinent was almost 2 million people dead and 15 million displaced. The consequences led to three wars, mindless confrontation, billions of dollars spent on the military and millions of people reeling in poverty. South Asia, which could well provide world leadership in the understanding of different faiths and bring harmony between them, has actually still not fully recovered from the trauma of 1947. The authors however realise the first step is to confront the human stories of that summer and then to attempt to heal the wounds. The future of the planet they say depends on dialogue and understanding, which renders this book a welcome initiative in the right direction.

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