Monday, March 8, 2010

Decoding Delhi

Krishan Partap Singh's Delhi Durbar takes a long, deep fictional look at our favourite punching bag — Indian politics

“As economic liberalisation and globalisation transforms the urban landscape of this country, middle class Indians have begun to be smug about the democratic system. We often trumpet the fact that despite the many insurgencies and social conflicts we face, the Army has never been tempted to take over,” says Krishan Partap Singh, author of Delhi Durbar, a book that talks about a power tussle in the heart of the Indian capital, Raisina Hill.

Singh says, “This book talks about the situation in which a retired Army officer becomes President and makes an attempt to overthrow the union cabinet and emerge all powerful, with the help of the Army.”

He adds, “This person asks the country to let him handle things on his own, much like Caesar, and promises to deliver results. The book makes an attempt to understand whether Indians would junk the democratic model and become a military dictatorship.”

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