Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hooked on cookbooks?

We may never use them. But, why can't we ever stop obsessively hoarding recipes and recipe books?

Ok, not all of us call the chef and kiss him on both the cheeks in appreciation of his chow mien, but we certainly do the next best thing — wide-eyed, we ask: how did you make it? It's irresistible, this urge to know how the dish — any dish — is made. We listen to recipes, read them, watch the dish made. We puff up when others coax us into sharing secrets behind the mawa gujia and the mint pakoda. We start a cookery blog, and look up for more.

And, copy-paste one more recipe when we have a hundred untried ones; hoard cookbooks even if we only cook from memory. Let's face it — collecting recipes is our culinary obsession.

Spectacular pictures
Says Madhavi C., HR executive with an MNC: “I buy cookbooks in the hope of becoming a good cook some day. I flip through the pages, but don't have the discipline to translate it into cooking. I try one item, and it bombs — that puts me off, and I don't try anything for a long time. She finds the dishes spectacular in the pictures, and feels there's comfort in stuffing a drawer with them. “Folks such as me, who don't get out of the comfort zone and don't have a large repertoire, surround themselves with books.”

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