Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kasargod Chinna's drama books released in unique style

It is not unusual for Kasargod Chinna, noted film and stage personality to adventure into new attempts. He has done experiments in his life such as 'Yaksha Theru' and 'Ranga Chinnari'. has recognized him for his works and has nominated him as 'Mangalorean Star' for his achievements. This time around, three of his translated dramas published as books have been released in four district centers already, and will be released in three more places very soon.

He has translated the Russian drama by the famous author Gogol, Inspector General, to Konkani named as Aailore Aailo that has been earlier translated to Kannada by noted playwright late Srinivas Prabhu to Kannada by the name Banda Banda Saradaara.  

He has dedicated this book to two stalwarts from GSB Konkani who have contributed much for stage, namely late Kudpi Vasudeva Shenoy and late K. Balakrishna Pai (Kullappu).

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