Friday, March 5, 2010

Matriarchy, patriarchy, lumenarchy...age of light dawns

After matriarchy and patriarchy, the world is gradually moving towards an age of light or 'lumenarchy', says noted Polish philosopher and Indophile Henryk Skolimowski, who considers himself "more Indian", in his new book Let There Be Light: The Mysterious Journey of Cosmic Creativity.

“If we go back 7,000 years ago in time, the society was dictated by god's essential laws - justice and compassion. But there has been gross violation of the law by patriarchal societies. All patriarchal religions are ungodly and inhuman. Matriarchy was symbiotic. The motto of matriarchy was 'live and let live', but the motto of patriarchy was 'I have to live'. We cannot live with patriarchy any longer and neither can we return to a matriarchal set-up. Where do we go from here?” the 80-year-old philosopher asked rhetorically.

“Mankind has to transcend matriarchy, patriarchy and anarchy to treat light as the great cosmic mother - the source of all energy and nourishment," Skolimowski told IANS. His new book was released in the capital Thursday.

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