Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scholars discuss Kaifi Azmi's contribution to Urdu

A seminar was organised by the department of Urdu, Lucknow Christian PG College, with the help of Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy, on Tuesday, March 23.

The focus of seminar, held in Fairfield Hall of the college, was Kaifi Azmi, who was hailed for his versatile personality. Prof Sharib Rudaulvi, formerly head of the Urdu department at JNU, New Delhi, shed light on the development of Kaifi Azmi's literary career. The scholars said that Kaifi was a nationalist poet, who wrote in reaction to the fallacious and materialistic progress of man.

Prof Sabira Habeeb, the chairperson of Monitoring Minority Education Committee emphasised that the lyrics that Kaifi Azmi wrote for the Indian film industry were deeply rooted in the Indian culture.

Full report here Times of India

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