Thursday, July 29, 2010

Verses from the heart

Because poets are the unsung window cleaners of our collective consciousness, they deserve more space than they usually get. And what is more, Vishvjit Prithvijit Singh is one of those unique heavyweight individuals who have consistently maintained a soft footprint. This, despite his high connections and immense experience.

Perhaps he is, therefore, most uniquely suited to be a poet? Well, the gift for moving verse, for what it is worth, has lain dormant for a long time ” except for Vishu's furtive scribblings still unseen in his English note book over the years. Dilli sat up and noticed this avatar recently.

Vishu has just burst upon the poetry horizon with a collection of self-conscious but also self-revelatory poems in Hindi. Most people can't stop gawking as the omniscient Vishu has always been associated with the world of English speakers and politics.

Full report here Mid day

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