Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cookbook author on South Indian cuisine

Hari Nayak returns from the buffet line with three plates artfully laden with two kinds of dosai, some hard-boiled eggs coated with batter and red-colored pieces of “lollypop” chicken wings.

“I like to go up once to get appetizers, then return for the entrees,” he says, taking his seat during a bustling lunch hour at Anjappar in North Brunswick.

He presents the appetizers to his guests and demonstrates how to enjoy the dosai, which are rice-based pancakes. He dips the oothappam dosai, flecked with strips of red onion, into a creamy coconut sauce.

Nayak, an internationally renowned chef, cookbook author, food consultant and all-around cheerleader for Indian cuisine, goes unrecognized at the busy restaurant. Women in saris glide by, trailed by tumbling toddlers. Other men and women, clearly on lunch break, fill one plate, chow down and move on. The clientele, at least on this day, is exclusively Indian.

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