Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting nuances

Though it takes a lifetime to really understand another culture; its literature, however, provides the best glimpse into it. “Sirigannada”, an anthology of contemporary Kannada writings — translated into English and edited by Vivek Shanbhag — takes the reader on a journey through Karnataka's rich and varied history and culture.

A discussion on “Sirigannada”, interspersed with readings of excerpts, was held last week at the British Library. Organised by TFA (Toto Funds the Arts), the conversation between Vivek Shanbhag and theatre person Prakash Belawadi gave much food for thought. The selection of stories and poetry wasn't a “conscious process” for Shanbhag. He, however, ensured that the works he chose were of different styles and narratives.

Poet and theatre personality, Deepika Arwind, Mounesh Badiger, and Kannada theatre personality H.S. Shiva Prakash read out excerpts from the book. Shiva Prakash's eloquent rendition of some of the pieces impressed. Jayant Kaikini's “Tick-Tock Buddy”, Sandhya Devi's “Love of Death”, Kum. Veerabhadrappa's “The Handshake Episode”, D.R. Nagaraj's “The Kannada-English Combat”, Pratibha Nandakumar's poem “The Saviour” were some of the pieces that were read out.

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