Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hum daikhen gey

A three-day international conference on Faiz Ahmed Faiz began on Tuesday at the Karachi University Arts Auditorium. It was titled, “Dil e Purkhoon Ka Hunar (The skill of a bleeding heart).”

“The need to look at Faiz as a figure beyond a great poet cannot be emphasised enough,” said the director of the Pakistan Study Centre. “Faiz’s ideology and struggle went beyond traditional romanticism associated with poetry and literature.”

Dr Syed Jaffar Ahmed said that the title of the conference is a reflection of the struggles that Faiz undertook as a progressive poet and the beacon of the Taraqqi Pasand Tehreek (Progressive Movement).
Dr Anwar Ahmed of the Muqtadra Qaumi Zaban presented an analysis on the “Kalam-e-Faiz ki Maheboobiat” (The lovability of Faiz’s poetry). He said that Faiz’s thoughts and expressions struck the deepest chords of human imagination.

“There is a need to think over the reasons as to why he was popular with the people and unpopular with the establishment,” said Dr Ahmed. “These reasons have to be revisited as we need to reflect on our standing as a society today.”

Full report here Express Tribune

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