Friday, September 9, 2011

IITians become storytelling novelists

Salman Rushdie, Arudhati Roy, Shobhaa Dey, Vikram Seth are a few names that became a widespread dawn of storytelling in Indian English. However, of late the Indian novels are liberated from the tight clutches of serious work as a crowd of ex-IITians and MBA students are catching up with the youth with their modern novels. Their novels are based on love blooming in college campus, friendship, heartbreak, sex, betrayal, coming of the age and more importantly the system today.

You can call it a "Chetan Bhagat effect" that turned many people towards fiction. The novels have a wider appeal as the youth easily relate to these stories. These writers have a huge fan following as they are easily connected via the social networking sites. Listed below are a few IITian and Management novelists who have had a great impact on young readers.

Full report here Silicon India

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