Thursday, September 1, 2011

'My wife told me to quit moping'

To balance 27 years of security in a mundane career, selling cars, entrepreneur Ashwin Sanghi sought excitement with a parallel profession, as a versatile writer. He tells Shana Maria Verghis that his second book, a political saga is being scripted into a film by UTV

Born in the Baniya community, whose profession has them worship at the altar of the God of business, Ashwin Sanghi was baptised in the workings of his family’s automobile dealership, when sixteen years. While still at school, he was learning intricacies of managing debit and credit for the firm.

Reflecting over how his life panned out since, this author of two books brooded, “Things were predetermined in a way. It was decided I’d go to a certain college for MBA. And I would marry at a certain age. Even who I would marry was almost foreknowledge.” He added, “My future was mapped out. Pardon my French. This gave one plenty of security. But the trade-off was, boredom also followed.”

UTV recently traded with Sanghi over his second book, Chanakya’s Chant (by Westland), which is being scripted for a movie. So how did this entrepreneur wind up writing a best-seller set across two time-zones? One is in ancient India, involving Chandragupta Maurya and his canny PM Chanakya. The other is in modern India, where a neo-Chanakya mentors a young girl into state craft.

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