Friday, September 2, 2011

Parragon sees no e-book threat

There is a large potential for the book industry in India, but the distribution system is weak, as retail segment is growing at a limited pace, according to Vineet Sharma, managing director, Indian subcontinent and West Asia, Parragon Publishing India.

Similar to that of FMCG distribution, Parragon rece­ntly set up stockists and key accounts distribution across 50 Indian cities to service non-bookstores, be it a stati­onery outlet, a toy shop or a saree store. This is because Parragon India has tapped non-conventional channels such as retail houses in add­ition to the traditional supply chain of distributors at the national and regional levels.

Parragon Publishing India was established in June 2006 as a joint venture company between Parragon UK and Vineet Sharma. Instituted in the late 1980s in UK, Parragon is one of the leading publisher of illustrated non-fiction books.

Brushing aside the claim that TV viewing and internet has killed book reading habit, he said, “The demands of books is surging, which is evident from the fact that other channels are selling lots of books. Reading a book is a therapy to rejuvenate a person. Watching TV or sitting in front of a computer is a stress. People will realise that eventually.”

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