Saturday, September 3, 2011

Poetry on a perfect pitch

It was by accident that Sir Neville Cardus started writing on cricket. He ended up becoming its most stylish chronicler and it's a delight to read him even now…

The otherwise comfortable lounge at Istanbul airport had one major failing: its sockets did not match the plug on my laptop's charger. Even the duty-free shopping mall failed to produce the requisite number of pins in the desired shape. I shuddered at the prospect of spending the next eight hours twiddling my thumbs while all around me people cleared mail, chatted on Skype, swished tablet screens, smiled absently into cyberspace.

But the horror subsided as I discovered the saviour, suitably adorned in a cover the colour of green grass, in my hand baggage: Cardus on Cricket, a selection from the writings on the game by its most stylistic chronicler, Sir Neville Cardus. So turning away happily from the nightmare of the present — both my technological incapacity as well as the Indian team's tour of England — I slumped into a commodious leather-chair and let myself be guided by a master into the sunlit past.

Full report here Hindu

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