Friday, September 9, 2011

Priya In Incredible Indyaa reminds of Paro

It’s easy to see why Namita Gokhale resurrects some of the characters from her classic novella, Paro: Dreams of Passion, in Priya In Incredible Indyaa. And why she chose to especially remind readers of the sexy Paro who lived life by her own rules. Priya, then, a very vulnerable and endearing young girl, has now evolved into an elusive housewife of Suresh Kaushal, a powerful politico in Delhi.

But you know that she doesn’t have the careless abandon that Paro had, even as she enviously, yet lovingly, recalls the seductress of the ’80s. Priya is excruciatingly aware that she could never be Paro.

Priya now represents Delhi’s high society, wants to desperately cling on to it and yet mentally mocks it all. She is at once nostalgic and dismissive of her life in the dingy 1 BHK in Mumbai. But she often looks lost in the now sprawling colonial bungalow in Delhi.

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