Thursday, September 1, 2011

Their life is a blend of music, literature and poetry

Life of A D Madhavan and his wife, Radha Madhavan, is blending of music with literature and poetry. The couple, based in Kozhikode, has carved out their own niche in the writing on music and litertature.

A.D.Madhavan, a former employee of SAIL and Kerala State Development Corporation (KSIDC) has turned his attention to the art of writing on Indian music, which was not touched by many, after his retirement from the KSIDC in 2000. The feeling to write on Indian music was in his blood since childhood. However, he says, since he was very much occupied with his official duties he was unable to concentrate on the same until retirement.

His latest book Ye sham ki Tanhai, which is a study of the raga-based songs that had hit Hindi films during the 1945-65, will shortly hit the stands. It will have the text and translation of the Hindustani songs in Malayalam. The book, named after a song with the same name of the movie Aah, sung by Latha Mankeshkar.

Full report here Times of India 

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