Friday, September 2, 2011

“Tholkappiam preceded Rig Veda”

Mr. Guna, a research Scholar has released his Tamil book titled Tholkaappiyaththin Kaalam ( The Period of Tholkappiam)

Guna is an intellect well known to the Tamil enthusiasts. He relentlessly studies and propagate the antiquity of Tamil Language, Literature, Race and Culture. By this way he uncovers the truth deliberately hidden by the conspirators against Tamil Language.

His book Tholkaappiyaththin Kaalam was released in Santhome Chennai amidst much funfare on 13.08.2011. The function was lively with performances of Paraiyaattam, Chakkaikkuchchi aattam, Street play etc well organized by Thamizhar kalam.

Dr. David Prabhakar has released an introduction on this book which is translated and produced below:

Full report here Truthdive

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