Thursday, September 8, 2011

A treat for comic fans

Now here’s a comic by comic fans and for comic fans, with content, presentation and graphics comparable to any international publication. JUMP is India’s first full-fledged monthly comic magazine targeted at the 18-30 male audience.

Each issue carries multiple titles, including content from some of the hottest comic writers and artists today. The artwork and storytelling is a mixture of American, Japanese and Indian styles, with a lot of tributes to comic stalwarts.

A recent issue features a tribute cover of the first issue of Superman published in 1938. Comic enthusiasts will be sure to notice the allusions to various international comics and movies like The Walking Dead, Army of Darkness, Zombieland etc. The season finale of JUMP, to be released on November 10, will also feature tributes to iconic characters from the Indian comic pantheon. Upcoming issues will also pay tribute to Indian horror movies of the 80s.

“We don’t just pay tribute to comic characters, but also to icons from real life,” says Suhas Sundar, a founding partner at Level 10 Comics. The fourth issue features a tribute to Rajnikanth, while their mascot Zula the Incorrigible bears an uncanny resemblance to Che Guevara.

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