Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The mystic as muse

Poet Amrita Pritam said it in verse, Ajj Aakhan Wris Shah Nun, Pakistani theatre director Madeeha Gauhar and Shahid Nadeem saluted them through a play, Bulha, and now, fashion designer-publisher Muzaffar Ali pays tribute to the Sufi poet saints through a coffee table book called The Sufis of the Punjab. The book, launched in Delhi a few days ago, traces the tradition of Sufism and its impact on drama, literature, architecture and other works of art.

Poet Nirupama Dutt has written about how artists like Arpana Caur and Satish Gujral have imaged the love legends of Punjab, penned in poetry by Sufis such as Waris Shah who immortalised Heer-Ranjha. Another interesting insight by Dutt is into the Sufi architecture of the state. Several poets, authors, academicians, researchers and painters, from India and Pakistan, have contributed to the book, presenting an overview of how Sufism continues to influence the cultural, literary, artistic and spiritual tradition of the Punjab. The pages are replete with paintings, sketches, couplets in Urdu (with English translations), photographs and calligraphy.

Full report here Indian Express

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