Tuesday, September 6, 2011

'Revolution 2020 not a political novel'

Chetan Bhagat`s columns on education and corruption inspired him to write `Revolution 2020`, but the author clarifies that the book is not a political novel and that there is no political agenda either. "It isn`t a political novel as such, and there is no political agenda either. However, when you look at politics in the broader sense in terms of making people think in a certain manner, then I am hoping Revolution 2020`will do that to a certain extent," said Bhagat. "It is inevitable that some of my thoughts about social issues will creep into my stories. However, I am very strict about not indulging in social messages too much. Set to hit stalls in October, the book is described by the author as "at its heart, a love story about individuals." Excerpts from the interview:

The title suggests of your new book Revolution 2020 has an epic quality to the tale. Is this your most epic book to date?
It is a somewhat grand title and at some level it represents the grand aspirations of one of the characters. However, it still is, at its heart, a love story about individuals. Yes, compared to my other books, it is somewhat larger in scope.

The novel`s theme suggests a triangular love tale against a socio-political backdrop. What has prompted you to try this format?
I became involved with national issues, especially when I started to write columns two years ago. Education and corruption became the two causes I wrote about the most in my opinion pieces. As I delved deeper into understanding India, I felt a revolution was inevitable. To explore that idea more, I had started writing Revolution 2020 two years ago...Quite amazingly, the book is coming out at a time when we have some early signs of a revolution in front of us.

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