Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Celeb Urdu writers to publish new works

Five noted Urdu writers are set to publish their latest works, including an autobiography, before year end.

Intezar Hussain has completed the final draft of Justajo Kia Hai, an account of his days in Bulandshahr, India. Hussain told The Express Tribune that he had handed over the draft to the publisher and expected the book to be available in markets before year end.

“I have recorded memories of my days before partition,” he said.

Hussain’s last book Chiraghon Ka Dhuan was an account of his days in Lahore.

It also narrates the events leading to his migration from Dibai in Bulandshahr following partition of India. He said he had been encouragedby Muhammad Hassan Askari, the critic, to shift to Pakistan. Novelist Abdullah Husain is publishing a work after more than 10 years. Husain, whose last published work was a novel, Nadar Log, said he was in the process of compiling short stories he had written following the publishing of the novel.

Full report here Express Tribune 

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