Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ashwin Sanghi on a high

After his bestselling book, The Rozabal Line, made waves when it released in 2008, Ashwin Sanghi's latest offering Chanakya's Chant has made it to the news too...and for all the right reasons.

Ashwin Sanghi is self-confessed lover of oddity, and it is this quality that has led to the depth of his books. It is no wonder then that his 2010 book Chanakya's Chant has been shortlisted for the Vodafone-Crossword Popular Choice Award 2011. The book is a fictional retelling of the life of Chanakya, the great political strategist of ancient India.

The novel relates two stories- the first of Chanakya's scheming to bring Chandragupta Maurya to the throne of Magadha; and the other, that of a modern-day character called Gangasagar Mishra who wants to position a child from the slums as the Prime Minister of India. With riveting tales woven around historical facts and events, this book has found favour among scores of readers from around the country. Only naturally, the author, who counts Archer, Sheldon, Hailey, Forsyth and Ludlum among his favourites, is over the moon. The final winner of the contest will be chosen from among ten shortlisted books via public voting.

Full report here Times of India

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