Friday, August 26, 2011

Everyday dog tales told with a touching simplicity

From a nutty watchdog, a social bee, an enthusiastic foodie, a travel buddy to a constant companion, dogs have been such an inseparable part of our lives that we often end up taking the little joys and surprises they bring us, for granted.
With an editor, Dhiraj Nayyar, who is crazy about dogs and shares his varied experiences with three of them, the book becomes a sensitive portrayal of the love-hate-love relationship between humans and their canine friends!
While 'pet' talks are a conversation starter for many, there are those who find therapeutic value in writing about their beloved dogs. Your degree of involvement with a dog notwithstanding, you'll find the confessional quality in How Cheeka Became a Star and other Dog Stories stirring. Bound in bright colours, the 218-pager is a crispy collection of anecdotes, confessions, tributes and observations by noted authors, media personalities, filmmakers, actors and entrepreneurs on the bond they share with their dogs.

Full report here Times of India

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