Sunday, August 28, 2011

Go Indian to sell in India

Domino's asked "Hungry Kya" and McDonald's appealed to the Indian palate by abandoning beef and introducing aloo tikki burgers - examples to prove that the Indian market has a distinct identity and even global brands must modify their selling strategy, says management educator and writer Arindam Chaudhuri.

Companies must understand the cultural sensitivities of a market and identity needs of a consumer in emerging economies like India, China and rest of the developing world to sell their products and stay ahead of competition, Chaudhuri said.

"Western markets models don't always work here. Organisations are more aggressive in the west; they can use comparative marketing (comparing one product with another). But to create an understanding about a product and market it in India, a multinational firm often has to modify its strategy, campaign and, if necessary, innovate the product to suit the Indian market and culture," Chaudhuri told IANS.

Chaudhuri and his wife Rajita have explored competition in the Indian market with examples and ways to trounce rivals with an effective mix of advertising, campaigning and aggression in a new book, Thorns to Competition. The book will arrive in bookstores by the end of this month.

Full report here Economic Times

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