Saturday, August 27, 2011

A book throbs with Chennai

With the air in the city still lively with events, anecdotes and history of the city as part of Madras Week celebrations, here comes a book pulsating with Chennai. The Elliots Beach, Chennai Zoo, Madras Museum and other descriptions came alive here on Thursday when actor Dhritiman Chatterjee read excerpts from Tulsi Badrinath's book Man of a Thousand Chances.

The book, published by Hachette, revolves around an otherwise honest Harihar who steals a rare gold coin minted by Mughal Emperor Jahangir from the museum to meet his daughter's wedding expense, with the intention of returning it. But, when Harihar finds himself in a position to redeem it, he learns that it has been melted by the pawnbroker.

Cultural activist Ranvir Shah interspersed the reading with questions for the author. Replying to a query on choosing Elliots Beach, the author said those of us who live near the beach take it for granted. “But it actually opens up the city with the snatches of conversation… I always wanted to write a story where you never know the beginning or end, but conjures up a parallel universe,” said Ms. Badrinath, whose first novel ‘Meeting Lives' was published in 2008.

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