Monday, August 22, 2011

Taslima's passport tweet angers Nepal

Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasrin who has been living in exile since 1994 has tweeted herself to a new controversy in Nepal. The author was to arrive in Kathmandu on Saturday to attend the country’s first literature festival, but a post on Twitter has ensured she won’t come visiting anytime soon.

Nasrin who currently resides in New Delhi missed her flight to Kathmandu on Saturday as she forgot to bring her Swedish passport. Airport authorities didn’t let her board the flight.

"My Nepali friends, I missed my flight to go to Kathmandu today. I forgot to bring my passport as I didn’t consider Nepal a foreign country!" she soon wrote on her Twitter page.

The comment offended many of her Nepali followers on the micro-blogging site who ridiculed her lack of knowledge about world geography and blamed her of thinking that Nepal was a part of India.

Nasrin was shocked and hurt that her Nepali friends were offended by her "feeling of closeness 2 (to) Nepal".

Undeterred she planned to arrive here on Sunday to take part in the last day of the festival but that also had to be shelved due to adverse reaction to the tweet and concerns about her safety.

Full report here Hindustan Times 

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