Friday, August 12, 2011

No takers for cricket literature

Despite holding a number of precious books on cricket history, the HD Kanga library fails to attract too many readers

Librarian Vijay Waghmare's phone rings loudly at the Dr HD Kanga library located at Mumbai Cricket Association’s (MCA) ground floor at the old office premises, shattering the routine silence of the place. The young man doesn't hesitate to take the call, and spends the next few minutes winding up his conversation loudly. Working as a librarian, one could have expected Waghmare urging the library environment to be on silent mode but such has been the apathy towards MCA's five-decade-old library that visitors rarely turn up, much like the sparse crowds for Ranji Trophy matches these days at Wankhede Stadium.

The richly stocked library which was introduced in 1946 to impart the best knowledge to cricketers and general public is now hoping for the younger breed of players to check in. There are many books which are unread for so many months and it doesn't take too long for Waghmare, who is also an umpire, to start goading you to join the library, since barely anyone turns up. The library is looked after by MCA, who appoints a committee to look after its old heritage and ensure the work runs smoothly.

Full report here Indian Express

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