Saturday, August 27, 2011

'My books are like SRK's movies'

Says Chetan Bhagat, whose next book, Revolution 2020, hits book stands this October. The author speaks on corruption, coming of age as a writer and his detractors even as he lends his support to Anna Hazare at the Ramleela Maidan in New Delhi

Your next, Revolution 2020, is particularly relevant in Anna Hazare's India. What prompted you to write it?
I started writing it two years ago, well before Anna Hazare happened. The rebellious nature of young people is something I have explored even in my earlier books. Revolution is inevitable. I am lucky that I will release the book in the middle of a revolution.

My premonition, about a major public uprise in India, came true. When I travel for my talks, I see a lot of resentment among the youth. The government is disconnected in terms of providing them a good college or a job.The book deals with corruption in the education sector. It's set in present day India and the revolution, that will change the system, will come in 2020.

You have set it in Varanasi, in small town India. Why?
I feel the voices in small town India are not heard enough. I can bring their stories alive in an interesting manner. If you switch on the tv, whatever happens in the metros is given attention. Besides, seventy per cent of my readers are in small town India.

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