Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's business, as usual

P.G. Bhaskar's debut novel, a mix of fact and fiction, focuses on the 2008 financial crisis

Jack Patel might sound like the proverbial banker but his rather quirky sense of being and tongue-in-cheek humour gives you a new perspective on a man whose dreams don't seem too far from reality.

P.G. Bhaskar's Jack Patel's Dubai Dreams is a mix of fiction and fact, focussing on the life of his protagonist during the 2008 financial crisis, “I'm a banker myself and I guess I just took the easy way out. Basing a fictional story against the backdrop of the financial crisis and its aftermath seemed the natural thing to do. I wrote the book without thinking too much about it and had great fun doing it,” says the author, “The way I see it, my book is a potpourri, a very light-hearted mix of fiction and business, with a liberal dose of nonsense.”

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