Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Literature special: Night and Darkness

Darkness is such a strange thing. And yet so familiar because we are acquainted with it every day of our lives, for nearly half the day.

Stranger because it’s so enveloping, so complete. That we are unable to fathom its depths, skin its opaqueness or tear it down to discern what is beyond. It is so impregnable that our mind’s thoughts and vision cannot penetrate it.

That perhaps lends to it a mystery. A mesmerizing quality that adds to its beauty.

George Edgar Montgomery describes her loveliness in ‘At Night’:

“The Sun is sinking over hill and sea,
Its red light fires a spectral line of shore;
Night droops upon our half-world mistily
With sombre glory and ghost-haunted lore;
The stars show dim and pallid in the sky,
Vague, wraith-white glimmerings of volcanic spheres,
And a slim crescent of the moon appears
Like some young herald in the hours that die.”

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