Friday, October 8, 2010

Competing on technology to build global wealth

Today’s global war is one of wealth, rather than military, and what can help generate wealth can be a focus on, among other things, technologies, suggests Handel Jones in ‘ChinAmerica: The uneasy partnership that will change the world’ (

In the US, individual companies such as Cisco, Apple, IBM, Google, Microsoft, and HP are highly innovative and have high market share in these industries around the world, the author notes. “A number of these companies are also creating new market opportunities. It is, consequently, important to regard these companies as part of the solution for building wealth.”

Restructuring plan
Cautioning that these are not enough, Jones advises the US that additional corporations in other markets need to be stimulated so that in the aggregate they create a positive trade balance. The combination of the Internet, mobile broadband access, demand for better medical care, and the need for more efficient automobiles and transportations systems will create a range of new business opportunities, he assures.

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