Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mills & Boon, Saregama invite Indian women

Ageless hero, timeless romance, passionate fantasy, friend, … all of these are part of many women’s thoughts and emotions as they have enjoyed a special journey with Mills & Boon books for over 100 years. No matter which year it is or what age a woman may be, a romantic story always stirs hope, cheer, warmth and passion in a woman’s heart.

Harlequin Enterprises Ltd., the global leader in series romance and publisher of the most widely read women's fiction books “Mills & Boon,” is coming closer to the heart of the Indian woman. With over 14 titles now locally published and distributed every year through Harlequin Mills & Boon India (HMBI), the thrill of reading a romantic novel is on the rise among Indian women.

Mills & Boons books have often been seen as a close friend and companion of women from early teenage years through various phases and stages of their lives, from a quick daily read, to being a vacation companion, rejuvenator, emotional advisor and even an imaginary friend and confidant - a true “Friend for Life.” Inspired by the results of research among Indian women, HMBI is committed to further strengthen its relationship with them by engaging in various customer connect activities. “Friends for Life” is new nationwide initiative which invites readers to share their experiences and thoughts on how or why Mills & Boon has been their friend through the journey of life.

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