Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Notes of a wanderer

Former Indian diplomat B.S. Das's memoirs weaves anecdotes and personal anxieties to tell a fascinating story

The diplomatic world is a closed one but retired diplomats consistently give us a glimpse into this world through their memoirs which come out ever so often. Former Indian diplomat B.S. Das ushers the readers once more into this world with his book “Memoirs of an Indian Diplomat” (Tata McGraw Hill).

Das, joined IPS in 1948, the first batch of free India and then in 1960, he was posted on a foreign assignment by the Ministry of External Affairs. “I started from Moscow and went on to serve in Vietnam, UK, and Bhutan. This journey gave me an insight into some of the most important events in India's history which helped me gain a unique experience, there was greater intellectual maturation and greater self-realisation,” says Das.

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