Sunday, October 3, 2010

I have faith in my father: Daman Singh

As more questions on politics come up, Daman insists that she has no interest in politics

Daman Singh is in the city to attend the third edition of the Kovalam Literary Fest at the Kanakunnu Palace here. Flooded with questions on her father’s work, the daughter of prime minister Manmohan Singh tells with a smile “I have faith in my father.”

“I am afraid I am not an economist. I am not qualified to answer the questions on government policies. However, I believe that the path that he (Manmohan Singh) has put India on is the right one,” she says.

Asked about one signal contribution that the prime minister made to India, she says: “He has pulled India out of a very grave economic crisis, with the help of others. He has put the country on the path of growth. Since it has been able to achieve growth, India could also make investments in the development of health, education etc. We have changed from a low-growth economy to a high-growth economy.”

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