Friday, October 8, 2010

Myth of homogeneity of internal customers

People are more attracted to companies that would provide customised people practices, and they are more likely to remain there and perform at their best, write Susan M. Cantrell and David Smith in ‘Workforce of One’ ( The book turns around a traditional belief of organisations as places that demand you fit them and says that you can design organisations to fit the employee.

Such organisations, as the authors describe, can optimise the performance of every individual by treating each employee as ‘workforce of one’ with unique needs, aspirations, and preferences, rather than treating the workforce as a single homogeneous entity.

Shape your own jobs
The book discusses extensively the case of Best Buy which allows its employees to shape their own jobs in such a way as to draw on their own unique interests and strengths. For example, ‘store employees are encouraged to use their own words and personality’ to customise the company’s basic selling process. In the ‘Results-Only Work Environment’ of Best Buy, employees can ‘largely define their own learning experiences’ through blogs, wikis, YouTube, and other peer-to-peer technologies.

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