Sunday, October 3, 2010

PM’s daughter supports Arundhati

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s daughter Daman Singh feels that the essays of writer-activist Arundhati Roy who has been attacking the Government’s Maoist and other policies are an ‘eye-opener’.

“I follow all her writings in popular magazines. She is a powerful writer and her writings are an eye-opener. She has a unique and powerful way of presenting things,” Daman Singh told newsmen on the sidelines of the Kovalam literary festival here.

When asked whether she agreed with Roy’s views on Maoism and her fierce attack on the government, Daman said, “I agree with some of them and disagree with others.”

 Book on parents
Author of the novel Nine by Nine, 46-year-old Daman Singh was in the capital to present her second work Sacred Grove. She said her next work would be a “personal biography” of her parents in which she will present various aspects of their life. Of course, she can’t be critical of them either.

Full report here Deccan Herald

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