Sunday, October 3, 2010

Curiosity makes her write

Mridula Koshy, author of short story collection 'If It Is Sweet', has set her second book in Kerala | Cris Seetha

Seventeen short stories set in Indian background by an author who has spent 20 years of adult life in the US. ‘If it is sweet’ by Mridula Koshy is a result of the trait called curiosity. Koshy is here for the third edition of Kovalam Literary Fest at Kanakakunnu Palace.

“It is baffling for me that one should choose to ignore that other people are living their life too. As a Leftist, I feel it is a plot to separate us from one another. I am interested to know how others think, if it is similar to how I think,” says Mridula, who was born and brought up in Delhi. A Malayali, Mridula explains that 'interiority' of others is one factor which inspires her.

“We peek into one other’s life, and although the walls are concrete, you can tell when somebody is screaming at their child,” she adds.

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