Saturday, October 2, 2010

My next book will be on my parents, says Daman Singh

Daman Singh, novelist and daughter of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has said her next work would be a `personal biography' of her parents.

Singh, who is here to present her new work Sacred Grove at the Kovalam literary festival which began in Kovalam today, Oct 2, said she had not yet chosen a title for the new book.

"I think I can't be critical of them in the book. I will try to present the different aspects of their life. Though politics may figure in the book, it is not about politics, but a personal account," she said in an informal chat with reporters on the sidelines of the festival.

Answering a question, Singh said she believed that her father, along with many others, could pull India out of economic crisis and put the country on a path of economic growth. More investments were coming in health and education sectors, she said.

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