Friday, October 8, 2010

Dreamtech Press launches book on HR

Dreamtech Press adds releases Human Resource Management Book into its management book series. This book is structured in a reader-friendly manner to explain the principles and fundamentals of human resource management. To enhance readers’ knowledge, the book focuses on the current and emerging trends in the field of HRM, such as Succession Planning, Change Management, HRD Audit and Accounting, Future of HRM, High Quality Work Life, iHRM and HRIS.

This book also includes figures, charts, tables, exhibits, and real world examples to simplify the complex concepts and to enrich the understanding of the readers. In addition, case studies are provided to give a practical view of the concepts and theories of HRM.

Summary is provided at the end of each chapter to recollect the basics of the discussed topics. Exercises are also supplemented to evaluate the learning of the reader.

Full report here Forestlaneshul

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