Sunday, October 3, 2010

In the voice of a child, she writes

Writer and daughter of prime minister Manmohan Singh, Daman Singh, presents her book The Sacred Grove in a Q&A format, at the Kovalam Literary Fest. “Since no one is willing to share stage with me, I am going to ask questions and answer them myself,” she says.

“Why did I write this book?” is her first question to herself.

“A couple of years ago, I wondered what I should write about, with my first book staying in my shelf, still unpublished. I decided to write about something I felt strongly about. Parenting is one such subject. My son Rohan is at a stage where he was watching me as I was watching him. I didn’t want him to pick up my faults. We all have prejudices. Initially I thought to write in the voice of a parent. But then I decided to write in the voice of a child. So I wrote about 12-year-old Ashwin whose passion is cricket.”

She poses her second question as ‘telling more about Ashwin’. “Ashwin is a boy who does not care much for studies. He sees school as a way to play cricket. He believes everyone exists in the world to please him. He used to take his mother’s word as the gospel truth. But as he begins to watch her closely, he is not sure if he likes what he sees,” says Daman.

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